Author of the chapter

Sensory Education:

in the book "Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition"

Flavourist and PhD in sensory evaluation.


As a specialist in the applied sensory evaluation and education of gustation, olfaction and vision, I am able to offer and utilise my expertise and skills and apply them specifically to your sector.

I also play an active role in teaching sensory evaluation at a university level in a number of schools.

on the topics being discussed at the scientific congresses I attend on a regular basis.
Since 2015, Odoratnews has also offered special events, tailored around flavours and scents.

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Guided by my passion for smells, in 2010, I created Odoratnews, a blog that focusses its attention on what's new in the world of smells, and shares information


2000 : Master's degree in the chemistry of flavours at the International Higher Institute of Perfumery, Cosmetics and Food Flavours (ISIPCA) in Versailles


2003 : Master degree in the marketing of flavours and food additives at the ISIPCA in Versailles


2008 : PhD - doctorate in food and consumer science at AgroSup in Dijon



Author of the book

« Eduqué pour devenir gourmet »

(educated to be gourmet)


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